Totally renewed  retail management system

ViPOS Point of Sale; Transforming the Cost, Quality and Delivery of point of sale.

ViPOS Pharmacy, stand-alone and back office solutions consists of several key modules. If you need to provide easy and fast checkout and better customer service then this is the system for every successful pharmacy business.

We’re excited to unveil a business class, VIPOS stand alone and back office point of sale system. We offer a brand-new product line made especially for independent pharmacy. Our software encompasses the full scale of pharmacy retail solutions from single stand-alone Pos to start-up through to bar-coding, Full stock management, Multiple till network, dispensary integration and head office management. You can also enjoy the luxury of communication and support features that a business class offers.

Simplistic approach to complex process

  • Integrated promotions and loyalty system.
  • Full inventory and Invoice control effortlessly.
  • Multi-branch / Branch transfers.
  • Clear and concise user interfaces.
  • Integrated HR payroll system.
  • Stock category management and key word lookup.
  • Complete audit trail of all stock movements.
  • Product analysis / slow and fast moving lines.
  • Multiple bar codes per product.
  • Barcode / Label printing and scanning.
  • Expiry date monitoring.
  • Seasonal analysis / Dashboard / Mobile reports.

ViPOS – Driving your business into the future

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Transforming the cost, quality and delivery of retailing in order to deliver a seamless customer experience and at the same time improve your bottom line.